• Do I need to learn Web languages with Drag & Drop present?

    Drag & Drop
    Almost every web platform today including a few app development platforms are adopting drag and drop. By Drag & Drop, I mean tools that allow users to simply visually place elements one after the other, build a webpage or even an app with writing a line of code. 

    If you are used to popular content management systems like Wordpress you must know about visual page builders like Divi, Wordpress among others. Almost all major web hosting platforms today from Wix to GoDaddy have visual website builders. The question though is whether it's still a necessary thing to learn core languages, normally written in code used to put these blocks together.

    Elementor Page Builder:

    It's true, you can actually put together a web page by dropping already built blocks one after the other and many who need cheaper services have taken that route. It's a good marketing option for many of these hosting platforms. However, will it be good enough to look professional? I guess it may depend on how large the project is.

    Divi Builder:

    In my line of business, I've met many people who rely heavily on Drag & Drop after many questions on how to implement even the simplest feature that could be incorporated with a few lines of code. Often times these page builders may not work as expected and would require a few lines of code to override their functionality. This is what separates a professional project from one build by an armature. The fact is these page builders that offer these Drag & Drop are more efficient and ease work flow when used by a person who already knows the code used to put them together. It's also worth noting that many people who don't know the basic knowledge of these languages tend to face problems when using these builders often as a result of user error, things that could easily be spotted and fixed by anyone who has extensive knowledge of how they work in the back-end.

    So, does one need to learn Web languages? We, as explained, one may not need to know these languages or intricacies of the code used to put some web projects together, but very beneficial for anyone to take some time and learn at least the basics about these languages to efficiently and professionally put a project together with the least in how they operate.

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