• Is Google's Blooger still a viable option to start a website?

    Today, it goes without mention that Wordpress is the most popular go-to platfrom to start a website. The main reason is it's open source nature that allows for it's manipulation that has also allowed for it's huge support by developers who continue to build tons of themes, plug-in and tools which have eased creation of websites.

    Google's Blogger has always been this much older option for starting blogs quick and easy taking advantage of the free 15GB space Google provides for every email user. It's downside has been it's more restrictive nature with regard to what it supports and somewhat archaic ways of writing and creating web pages. Blooger's ability to provide the option to use a purchased full domain and link it to the free platfrom makes it possibly the cheapest ways to start a website since all that's required is a domain name.

    It's relevance today depends on whether the user has some extensive knowledge in using the older plaform, even better, knowing how to manually edit the available template for a more professional looking website. Aside from that, users have the ability to look for and use pre-made Blooger templates, or even transform any standard HTML template into an XML Blogger template if they know how exactly like what I did with richmax.org

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