• Should I use Anti-Virus for my phone?

    If you asked me a few years ago whether you should install an Anti-Virus software application on your phone, I would laugh before weighing in on the issue. Viruses are most prominent on Windows for PC on which Anti-Viruses were made most popular. And it's true some other operating systems have had malware most of which has been used to extort users.

    However, when it comes to mobiles phones with more emphasis on most popular platforms: Android and iOS, such viruses that affect Windows aren't prevalent. In fact, a common misconception remains that the same viruses that affect platforms like Windows could easily be transferred to Android and iOS, which is false. Viruses for phones are almost non-existent.

    So why do Anti-Virus companies build similar apps for phones, you may ask? Many of these apps are actually useful. They serve more as tools that provide useful features than apps to stop viruses on phone. For example, Avast Anti-virus for phones offers VPN, Data saving features and Firewall that offers better user experience. Others offer better battery management features among other features.

    Should you then use Anti-Virus on your phone? It depends on your requirement and as mentioned above, they tend to provide useful features for the user. Try any you wish and if it proves vital, then better. But their existance for phones is far less to do with removing or stopping viruses.

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