• Wordpress.com or Wordpress.org?

    Wordpress being the most popular content management system for building websites, many users grapple with the differences between Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org. These are two platforms by the same company that offers Wordpress. The main difference is how you choose to have your website hosted. 

    Much like Google's Blooger, Wordpress.com is the a platform that allows users build websites quick and easy with hosting packages with necessary features required by the user to start website from a free package all the way to an eCommerce package. 

    Where Wordpress.com differs with Wordpress.org is that Wordpress.org offers a free Wordpress package that can be installed on any server on which a website can be set up. Essentially, with Wordpress.com, Wordpress offers hosting with limited features depending on the chosen package, where as with Wordpress.org, a user is given the full potential of Wordpress the content management system while they independently use it freely on their server. 

    In a nutshell, Wordpress.org offers endless possibility and unlimited potential especially with the many cheap hosting services available.

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